Seacrest Living in Seacrest: Real Estate, Amenities and Lifestyle

    Welcome to Seacrest!

    Florida’s panhandle is one of the most beautiful places on earth. In contrast to the busy atmosphere of Southern Florida, the panhandle is where you will find true rest and relaxation. From the cool breezes blowing in off the ocean, to the casual conversations at sunset, Seacrest is a place where you will find plenty of time and space for peace and rest. If you are looking for a quiet place to indulge in the simple pleasures life has to offer, Seacrest is the right community for you.

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    Why You Belong in Seacrest

    Seacrest is not like Miami, Orlando, or Ft. Lauderdale. It still offers the sun, surf, and sand in spades, but it’s not a primary tourist destination. It is relatively quiet which is why it is a popular destination to own a second home or retire to. For this reason it is a popular “second community” for people who split their time between Florida and other parts of the world.

    To the Northwest of Seacrest, you’ll find Deer Lake State Park and Port Washington State Forest. To the East, you’ll enjoy the peaceful waves of Powell Lake. Both of these provide natural geographical barriers that create a sense of seclusion throughout the town. That’s not to say the town is isolated as Laguna Beach, Panama City, and Santa Rosa Beach are all within about 20 minutes driving time from the area.


    Seacrest Homes for Sale

    The real estate market in the Seacrest area is warm, but it’s heating up. The chill that had cooled the real estate market just a few years ago is thawing quickly and home prices are beginning to rise. Available homes in the area are plentiful and it is quite possible to get a very nice home within a moderate budget. Of course, as with everything in Florida, the sky is the limit and you’ll find no shortage of larger homes and oceanfront estates to choose from.

    This diversity of properties and the presence of higher end homes helps guarantee future price stability within the area. Thus, if you are searching for a second home or investment property, it’s an ideal market to invest in. Further, the area’s popularity with those seeking fun in the sun without the stress and frustrations of Southern Florida make it an attractive place for seasonal rentals and/or home swaps.


    You’ll Enjoy Nature’s Full Beauty Right Outside

    Seacrest is a nature lover’s paradise. From the magnificent vistas to the wildlife in the area, it’s where Mother Nature shows off her best creations. This makes the area a popular destination for everything from bird watching to surfing and fishing.

    Port Washington State Forest – The 12,000 acres of this park are a peaceful and quiet place to relax and reflect. It is a popular destination for hiking, bicycling, and during the season, hunting. There are paved roads and trails, and you will want to bring binoculars because the park is home to a vast collection of avian species.

    Deer Lake State Park – Located right on the shore, the coastal dunes of this park are ideal for setting an easel upon or laying a picnic out. The flora and fauna within the park are always vibrant, and the waters just offshore are ideal for snorkeling, fishing, or simply for taking a dip to cool off in.

    Surf and Skim Skool – Always wanted to learn to surf, but never had the time or opportunity? The staff at this fabulous school will show you the ropes and show you how to ride the calm Gulf waves. From beginners to intermediate surfers, the instructors have the skills and experience to teach you what you want to know.

    Pier Park – Feel like shopping? You’ll find everything you’ll ever need in this eclectic outdoor mall located just down the road from Seacrest. From Bath and Body Works to Florida’s Largest Candy Store, they have the clothes, household goods, sporting supplies, and specialty foods you’re searching for.


    Buying a Home in Seacrest

    Seacrest is a magnificent place to hide away and enjoy the beauty of nature. The natural barriers surrounding the community and the lack of large commercial businesses ensure the area maintains a very personal and charming dynamic. This makes the community perfect for rest and relaxation within a community whose arms are always open, and whose neighbors are always smiling.

    The gentle breezes coming in from the gulf are most certainly refreshing and reinvigorating. While it is snowing in Seattle, or pouring in Portland, the sun will be shining, the waters will be warm, and the catch of the day will always be fresh. Taken together, Seacrest is a paradise where you will enjoy spending time with family, relaxing with friends, and pursuing your favorite hobbies to fill up the hours of the day.