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    Welcome to Rosemary Beach, Florida

    If you’ve ever wanted to escape from it all to a way of life that captures gorgeous beaches, beautiful architecture and a close-knit community, then Rosemary Beach may well be the town for you. A master planned community located in Walton County, Fl, the town covers 107 acres of the Gulf of Mexico’s exquisite white beaches. Founded in 1995, Rosemary Beach is a beacon of New Urbanism, the movement that has changed the way Americans live. It’s the perfect place to live year round or have as a favorite vacation spot. Either way, Rosemary Beach provides a quality of life you won’t find many places.

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    Why You Belong in Rosemary Beach

    You want to live in a place where all your modern needs are met, and at the same time you want to live in a beautiful beach setting without the hustle and bustle of larger towns. Rosemary Beach is secluded, but has an active community dedicated to the gorgeous environment it inhabits. Below are a few highlights of Rosemary Beach:

    • The town is committed to protecting the environment, and has maintained the native landscape throughout the area in spite of the development.
    • The landscape is protected, and the town planners have built dune walkovers to protect the fragile dune system.
    • The active cultivation of native plants such as sea oats and lupine plays a big role in preventing corrosion of the dunes.
    • Public spaces, such as the greens, parks and squares form the essence of the town with secret pathways that lead through it.
    • Everything is within a five-minute stroll during which you can experience the beauty of the landscape.
    • The use of color throughout the town is a primary focus, and the palette is based on the natural flora and fauna of the region.

    Rosemary Beach is a haven for residents interested in non-profit organizations and local causes, and the town’s foundation offers a range of annual programs for you and your family to get involved in.


    Rosemary Beach Real Estate

    The town planners of Rosemary Beach envisioned up to 800 homes by the time construction is complete. Currently, there are around 650 existing households, and these consist of 12 basic types of dwellings. The buildings determine the character of the neighborhoods in the town, and all homes follow a strict urban code to create harmony and architectural integrity throughout.

    Every house in Rosemary Beach is custom designed for the owner according to the owner’s needs, even while the deep eaves, high ceilings and gardens with fountains resemble the designs of homes in Saint Augustine, New Orleans and the West Indies.

    Homes range from magnificent 5 bedroom, 6 bathroom properties to sophisticated condominiums and apartments.


    You’ll Enjoy the Flutterby Festival

    Each year in late Fall, Rosemary Beach hosts the annual Flutterby Festival, which celebrates the migration of the Monarch butterflies to the Gulf coast in keeping with the theme of native landscaping and natural beauty. The festival also brings residents out to meet and mingle with others in the community. The event offers a range of attractions for every age group, including face painting, food vendors, live music, a science area and the chance to win exciting prizes.


    Buying a Home in Rosemary Beach

    Rosemary Beach offers a lifestyle of closeness to nature and environmental integrity accompanied by all the conveniences of modern living. Enjoy the strong sense of community coupled with the ability to attain complete relaxation here along the Rosemary Beach.

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