Grayton Beach Living in Grayton Beach: Real Estate, Amenities and Lifestyle

    Welcome to Grayton Beach, Florida!

    Grayton Beach is a beach town inside Grayton Beach State Park. From its beautiful beaches to lively night life, there’s something for everyone. Grayton Beach offers residents a great place to relax and unwind. It’s the perfect place for couples, families, and anyone who wants to escape to a reachable paradise.

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    Why You Belong in Grayton Beach

    It’s one of the many beach towns located in South Walton County. The unofficial slogan for Grayton Beach is “Nice Dogs, Strange People”. It’s the perfect place to escape the city and enjoy sand, sun, and nature.

    For those who live an active outdoor lifestyle there’s Grayton Beach State Park. At this park there’s nature trails, dunes, a park, a picnic area, and the Western Lake. At the lake you can go kayaking, canoeing, and fishing.

    The beaches are clean, and the water is clear aqua. In the day you can have a relaxing time laying out, and at night you can have a fun time roasting marshmallows at a beach bonfire.


    Grayton Beach Real Estate

    In this historic beach town there are single family homes, townhomes, and condominiums. There’s something for everyone. Around Grayton Beach you’ll find cozy beach cottages, large 2 story beach houses that sit on over an acre of property, and classic Floridian homes. Just because this is an older beach town doesn’t mean all the houses are historic. There’s several modern home options built well within the last 15 years. Grayton is home to properties with a range of features including: wrap-around decks, pools, and personal docks for a range of activities. For those looking for a vacation home, you will have the option to buy a house furnished in order to start using your home right away.


    You’ll Enjoy: Beautiful Beaches in a Laid-Back Community

    Residents of Grayton Beach have no shortage of things to do. Along with the beaches, there’s a vibrant nightlife, restaurants, bars, and shopping. You’ll be hard pressed to be bored while in this town, especially if you live within walking distance of the beach.

    1. Life at the Beach: The beautiful Gulf of Mexico is the perfect place to spend a warm day. You could go water skiing, swimming, paddle boarding, lay out in the white sand, build sand castles, go jet skiing, and more.
    2. Local Shopping: In Grayton Beach there’s stores you won’t find anywhere else. At Allison Craft Designs there’s unique pieces of jewelry, at Nest 30A there’s furniture, at He Said…She Said there’s clothing, home decor, and accessories, and at Shooz there’s shoes. This is the perfect place to live if you like collecting art because there’s over 5 different art galleries that you can shop at year round.
    3. Outdoor Activities: There’s golf courses, fishing, and nature trails. On the trails you can hike, bike, or walk. If you’re interested in fishing, but new to it, there’s several fishing charter companies in Grayton Beach that’ll show you the ropes.


    Buying a Home in Grayton Beach

    Grayton Beach is a fun place to live and vacation for both adults and kids. Why wouldn’t you want to own a home in one of the South Walton County beach towns? Thanks to the beaches, Grayton Beach State Park, local stores, art galleries, and restaurants, there’s no shortage of things to do year round.


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